2019 New Collection

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Reflected l Etching and gold gilding 23 x 15 cm
Reflected ll Etching and gold gilding 23 x 15 cm
Golden square_2mb.jpg
Golden square, Oil on canvas and gold gilding, 21 x 21 cm
Portal1_real gold_4mb.jpg
Portal 1, Oil on canvas and gold guilding, 120 x 150cm
Subtle Vibration_1Bb_4mb.jpg
Sabtle Vibration 1、Oil on canvas, 120 x 50cm
Subtle Vibration_2Ab_4mb.jpg
Sabtle Vibration 2、Oil on canvas, 120 x 50cm

Catalogue 1_Sinfonietta.jpg
-Synfonietta - Rising, Oil on canvas and Wire objects,120 x 160 cm
loutus 4a_2mb.jpg
lotus 4a_2mb
Object 4a_2mb.jpg
Object 4a_2mb
lotus 3a_2mb.jpg
lotus 3a_2mb
Object 3a_2mb.jpg
Object 3a_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
Girl 3a_2mb
Child 3_2mb.jpg
Child 3_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
Girl 4a_2mb
Child 1_2mb.jpg
Child 1_2mb
Child 2_2mb.jpg
Child 2_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
Girl 1a_2mb
Child 4_2mb.jpg
Child 4_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
Girl 2a_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
Object 2a_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
lotus 2a_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
Object 1a_2mb
loutus 3a_2mb.jpg
lotus 1a_2mb